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1896: "This is the situation: Armenians are the nation;

the Sultan and his soldiers are the devilís scourge;

the Anglo-Saxon race is the cold-hearted spectator."  Frances E. Willard

2007: "It is greatly consoling to us that the voice of justice and righteousness

resounded louder than political and military interests in the case of  recognizing

the Armenian Genocide, by Turks, in the United States Congress." Karekin Catholicos









Catholicos of Armenia

"Turkey must reinstate the Armenian Church as a place of worship, not a tourist attraction."

Our Heroes - series  

Aram Manougian

His destiny was the historic role of being the founder and first Interior Minister of the First Armenian Republic.

Biographies of Armenian Heroes in Armenian and English.
Listen to Armenian Patriotic songs.

Birth of the Party    

Historic view of the formation of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation - Dashnaktsutiun.


Melkonian Educational Institute - Cyprus    
Just pictures of life as it was back in 1976-77 years in the school in Cyprus. Got some new ones, thanks to Hermine Sayan, thought I share it with you.   


Who are Armenians ?
The history of the Armenian people, over 2500 years old.


Turks protest at Armenian forum  

"If we have confidence in our own beliefs, we should not fear freedom of thought," Turkish prime minister  told a gathering of academics on Saturday. more

**Forget about Freedom of Expression in Turkey, they have a problem of Freedom of Thought. How sad.

Armenian Comedy 

  Hokis Dun Dugh - Listen
 Rita - Listen
  Black Lover - Listen
  Ardashinian Hairstylists - Listen
  Vardig Salesman - Listen
  Electrolysis Guzem - Listen
  Ghost Basterma - Listen
  Superman - Listen

Celebrities & Famous Armenians

Armenians of Diaspora are proud for the likes of  Andre Agassi, Cher, Mike Connors, Eric Bogosian, Zildjian and many others...


Armenian song lyrics and midi music

Go Mer Hayrenik
Go Menk Angeghdz Zinvor Yenk
Go Mousa Ler
Go Sartarabad
Go Artyok Ovker Yen
Go Cilicia
Go Karekin
Go Gamavoragan Kaylerk

Halloween came early for me this year. I was going to write about Armenian Nobility, instead with horror I ran into this article.

Armenian women traded to Turks for sexual exploitation. Armenian woman sold by Armenians to Turks for sexual exploitation? Unbelievable but true.


Charles Aznavour, world famous Franco-Armenian singer-composer, was touring the United States in the 70s. During an appearance on WNBC-TV Johnny Carson "Tonight" show, Mr. Carson exclaimed how well Mr. Aznavour had mastered the English language and that, "now English is your second language." "No!" answered Mr. Aznavour. Surprised, Mr. Carson asked, how that was possible, at which Mr. Aznavour replied that French was his second language. Mr. Carson asked, if French is your second language what is the first. "Armenian!" replied Mr. Aznavour.  "I am  of Armenian descent and therefore my first language is Armenian."

Armenian songs

Armenian Songs -  Listen all you want or save as you go along on your computer.

Agop Donikian

Agop-Donikian-Tchem Ouzoum

You can right click and save these songs.
For more information about Mr Donikian and his beautiful songs, his email address is  agop.adx@wanadoo.fr


The Armenian Cross.


Armenian Encyclopedia by

Archbishop Malachai Ormanian (1841-1918)

Etchmiadzin Cathedral

The story of how Armenia became the

 First Christian Nation in 301 A.D.


Vartan Mamigonian
Commander-in-chief of the Armenain forces, 451 AD.



Sts. Vartanantz Day commemorates the Battle of Avarayr in 451 AD. and the martyrdom of the Armenian Christian commander St. Vartan and his soldiers.

Vartanantz is one of the most popular feast days for Armenians. It is filled with both religious and nationalistic symbolisms of conscience, faith, and resolve to preserve identity and freedom of religion. It is commemorated each year on the Thursday prior to Poon Paregentan and the beginning of Lent. This year it is celebrated on February 15th.



Area: 29,800 sq km (11,506 sq mi)
Population: 2,991,360
Capital: Yerevan 1,254,400
President: Robert Sedraki Kocharian
Religion: Armenian Apostolic 94%, other Christian 4%, Yezidi (Zoroastrian/animist) 2%
Life Expectancy: 71.23 years
GDP per capita: $3,500

Our Faith

Armenia, which embraced Christianity in 301, has identified itself as the world's oldest Christian nation.

Armenia became a Christian nation more than a decade before the Roman Empire was Christianized under the Emperor Constantine.

The Armenian Church is often wrongly considered an Eastern Orthodox church.

 The Armenian Church broke away from Christendom in 451 because it disagreed with the Council of Chalcedon's declaration that Christ had two natures, human and divine.

His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, is the 132nd successor to Saint Gregory the Illuminator, and occupies the throne of St. Gregory in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.

His Holiness Aram I, the spiritual leader of the Holy See of Cilicia of the Armenian Apostolic Church, was consecrated Catholicos on July 1, 1995, after serving as Primate of the Armenian Orthodox community in Lebanon for 15 years.

A letter from city of Van - 1903 

The awards of a traitor - 30 pieces of gold, twelve stabs of the Dagger of Justice and a bullet to the head.


Armenian songs pages




Genocide -  91 Unpunished Years    

Every year, on April 24, Armenians worldwide commemorate the Armenian Genocide of 1915 in Ottoman Turkey.

Poems in Armenian  language    

Armenian poems by Hovannes Helvajian.

moreBenefits of intelligence

Who is the savage more

Anmah Hayastan     more

Anmah Kritchner      more

Maps of Armenia

Three maps of Armenia in this century, according to US President Wilson, Encyclopedia Britannica and US Department of State.


Armenian Duduk

Armenian Duduk music performed by famous Duduk player Gevorg G. Dabaghyan.


Paul Baghdadlian


This one is for Koko Kassarjian, enjoy it.


ut God remembered Noah and all the beasts that were with him in  the ark. And God made a wind blow over the earth, and the waters subsided. And in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day, the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat.

Genesis 8:1-4

Zareh Catholicos


The split within the  Armenian Church  in the United States of America hardened.more             

Unruly Armenian

Armenians have put out the fire in Hell and are trying to install instead air conditioning.


How times have changed 

What do you think is Grandma's favorite pastime in Armenia?



Help them feed and shelter
the elderly and the handicapped

Centers for Armenian Handicapped in Lebanon

P.O.Box 80250
Bourdj-Hammoud, Lebanon

Email: cahl@cyberia.net.lb

Anjar - Lebanon       

Pictures of Anjar-Lebanon and Armenian Evangelical Secondary School. The Boarding School I attended in the 60s and 70s.
Famous Armenian       
Artem Mikoyan was a genius who brought glory to his country. The whole world uses his inventions . He was internationally recognized as a great aircraft designer.      


Vic "Raging Bull" Darchinyan  

Armenians have a new world champion.
Vic Darchinyan claimed the IBF flyweight championship with an eleventh round KO of longtime champion Irene Pacheco.

Map of Armenia    

Do you know where is Lake Sevan located compared to Yerevan...
Hayotz Mardigner

Watch  Karnig Sarkissian's Song - Hayotz Mardigner - come alive on your screen.


If Man was not intelligent 

An Armenian poem by Hovannes Helvajian, with English translation.


Armenians in Tampa, Florida   
A few of the Armenians in Tampa, Florida, USA. An evening at Au Rendezvous, just having a good time.


Dashnaktsutiun, The Armenian Revolutionary Federation. Basic Principles of the political party: "freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of religion" and a "free, independent and unified" Armenia.



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