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Gag rule

Let us not forget,

Turks are the occupiers of Armenia, these lands are not their Fatherland.

April 24 1925
In the name of Honor and Justice,
In the name of spilled innocent Blood,
In the name of our Free Country,
In the name of God and his Glory,
We are raising our voices

Between the years 1895 and 1923, the Armenian people were subjected to deportation, expropriation, abduction, torture, massacre and starvation by the occupying Turks. The great bulk of the Armenian population was forcibly removed from Armenia and Anatolia to Syria, where the vast majority was sent into the desert to die of thirst and hunger. Large numbers of Armenians were methodically massacred throughout the Ottoman Empire. Women and children were abducted and horribly abused. The entire wealth of the Armenian people was expropriated. As a result, some 1.5 Million Armenians were killed or died of starvation.


September 1925 - Barsamian - New England, USA

Armenian father and son, one of the families that emigrated after the Bolsheviks took over Armenia. The son with his father's dagger and revolver,  a father's bequest to his son, a promise to continue the struggle until  all Armenian Lands are returned to Armenians. Just like the new Holy Muron has been mixed with the old one for centuries, the struggle  for Free and Complete Armenia will be passed over to generations to come until it is achieved. (click on picture to enlarge)


In a Jan. 19, 2008, campaign statement, candidate Obama said, “As a senator, I strongly support passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.106 and S.Res.106), and as President I will recognize the Armenian Genocide."

Mar 5, 2010, WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Obama administration on Friday sought to limit fallout from a U.S. resolution branding the World War One-era massacre of Armenians by Turkish forces as "genocide," and vowed to stop it from going further in Congress.



Melkonian Educational Institute - Cyprus

It played a crucial role in the cultural, educational and athletic life of  Armenian youth after the Genocide through the year 2005



The Armenian Cuisine. Chi Kofta anyone?      


Pictures of Bourdj Hammoud, Lebanon.

Yesterday      more

Today            more

Pictures of Lebanon, a country with over 5000 years of history and unsurpassed natural beauty.


Yummy Lebanese Foods


Echmiadzin, which is translated as "the place where the Only Begotten descended". Holy Echmiadzin is a cathedral built in the year 301, the oldest in the world. The Holy See of Armenian Orthodox and Apostolic Church. The Apostles Bartholomew and Thaddeus were the founders, and St. Gregory the Illuminator was the first official head of the church.


A shepherd from neighboring village comes to buy some honey. A drop of honey falls on the floor, bee comes to eat it, cat jumps up and kills the bee, the shepherd's dog sees the cat, attacks and kills the cat, the shop owner gets mad and kills the shepherd's dog, the shepherd  kills the shop owner, the villagers kill the shepherd, who was from next village, the villagers find out and there is war and killing until there is no one left but one person to tell the story.

In Armenian only.


The Western Armenian language and the Fatherland today, an interesting article written in Armenian language by Assadour Devletian in Nicosia, Cyprus, about the indifference of the leaders in Armenia about the issue.


Armenian Duduk

Armenian Duduk music performed by famous Duduk player Gevorg G. Dabaghyan.


ut God remembered Noah and all the beasts that were with him in  the ark. And God made a wind blow over the earth, and the waters subsided. And in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day, the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat.

Genesis 8:1-4


Help them feed and shelter
the elderly and the handicapped

Centers for Armenian Handicapped in Lebanon

P.O.Box 80250
Bourdj-Hammoud, Lebanon

Email: cahl@cyberia.net.lb

The Armenian


For a nation to survive and keep its unique identity. it is essential that it should have its own language and alphabet. Read the story of the Armenian alphabet.


Who are Armenians ?
The history of the Armenian people, over 2500 years old.


Be Proud that you are an Armenian

“Never has there  been a nation so small and yet  who has given so much”

Armenian contribution for betterment of humanity:

Bendy straw, first form of Tupperware, MRI diagnosis machine, Autofocus camera, Automatic Developing machine,  ATM Machine, Postage Meter, Teleprompter, Color X-Ray Machine,  Delta single-handle faucet, the famous MIG military aircraft, developed the self-focusing camera, the first practical automatic transmission for cars and buses, the needle less inoculation gun, the first four-color flatbed printing press, the famous Spandex fabric  and Zildjian cymbals.


Who are


A brief presentation of who we are.


Armenian Patriotic Revolutionary songs.


In 1948, a United Nations convention defined genocide as acts “committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group.”

Pictures tell you the whole story. Here are a few.


You tried, you failed


The Proud Armenian soldier, ready to defend his country against any and all enemies. 



The Massacre Of Adana

April 1909 

Song - mp3 - pictures - translation - lyrics


Promises never delivered.

The presidents of United States of America and the Armenian Genocide.


Dashnaktsutiun, The Armenian Revolutionary Federation. Basic Principles of the political party: "freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of religion" and a "free, independent and unified" Armenia.


The Armenian Apostolic Church.


The first Armenian Church in United States, was built on Laurel Street, in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1890.


And now the sad story. I just found out what happened to that church. It is shameful.


The Right Hand of St Gregory the Illuminator.

The title of the Catholicos of All Armenians:

Karekin II, Servant of Jesus Christ,

By the Mercy of God and the Will of the Nation,

Chief Bishop and Catholicos of All Armenians,

Supreme Patriarch of the Pan-National Pre-Eminent Araratian See,

the Apostolic Mother Church of Universal Holy Etchmiadzin

The Battle of Sartarabad

At that critical hour, alarms start blasting from Araradian fields. "Everything and Everyone to the Battle front" - the announcement of the governing council of city of Yerevan, chaired by Aram Manoogian, starts spreading among the people as a challenge.

The Catholicos, ordered the bells of the mother church in Etchmiadzin as well as the bells of all Armenian churches around the country to ring all day, calling his people to come to the aid of their fighting soldiers and to participate in the defense of their fatherland.


Simon, Sarkis, Setrag

Vatche & Ara

Do you know who they are?



Our Heroes - series  

Aram Manougian

His destiny was the historic role of being the founder and first Interior Minister of the First Armenian Republic.

Biographies of Armenian Heroes in Armenian and English.
Listen to Armenian Patriotic songs.

Patriotic songs   


Area: 29,800 sq km (11,506 sq mi)
Population: 2,991,360
Capital: Yerevan 1,254,400
President: Robert Sedraki Kocharian
Religion: Armenian Apostolic 94%, other Christian 4%, Yezidi (Zoroastrian/animist) 2%
Life Expectancy: 71.23 years
GDP per capita: $3,500

Unruly Armenian

Armenians have put out the fire in Hell and are trying to install instead air conditioning.


Roasted Eggplant and Pomegranate Seed Salad is perfect  vegetarian first course or a snack for throughout the day. A Jewish dish.




about      Armenians


Celebrities & Famous Armenians

Armenians of Diaspora are proud for the likes of  Andre Agassi, Cher, Mike Connors, Eric Bogosian, Zildjian and many others...


Map of Armenia    

Do you know where is Lake Sevan located compared to Yerevan...


If the last name ends in "ian", than it must be Armenian. What is the meaning of "ian".




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