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Pictures of Armenian Genocide

In 1948, a United Nations convention defined genocide as acts “committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group.”  I wonder where did these pictures come from if the Genocide never happened.

Armenian Orphans, eating their rations of rice donated by Americans
Aleppo, Syria: - Armenian mother on her knees checking on her dead daughter's body.
Armenians on the road of deportation
Armenian orphans begging for food
The skeletons of Armenians burnt alive by the Turkish army - 1915
Beheaded Armenians
Armenian deportees
Armenian survivors at the base of mount Ararat July 14, 1915
Summer of 1915,  Armenian mass funeral
Hung Armenians in Constantinople (Istanbul)
Armenian deportees
Refugee Armenian orphans
Deportee Armenain mother and her child, 1915
Beheaded Armenian Woman
Armenian refugees on the streets, 1915
The massacre of Armenians in Constantinople (Istanbul) September 30, 1895
Armenian women saved from Muslim slavery. The writing says " we are mourning sisters"
Armenian girl in 1920s, converted into Islam and tattooed.
My Grandmother looked just like this lady, tattooed to make the missionaries think that she was a 10 year old Muslim nomad girl.
Armenian orphans
Starving Armenian child, Kharpert, 1915

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