Sun warmed, crisp and fresh picked from the tree, apples are the taste of fall itself. From sweet and mellow to tart and tangy, how do you best enjoy all those varieties? We'll help you get to the core of the matter. Pick your favorite out of these lovelies. Any of them make a great snack.



Braeburn With a color ranging from gold to red, it's a crisp, versatile winner.
TASTE Braeburns liven up sauces and salads with their sweet and slightly spicy flavor.



Granny Smith Glossy green and crunchy, this Australian variety now has fans around the globe.
TASTE Mouth wateringly tart with the hint of sweetness, Granny Smith is ideal for pies.




Golden Delicious The name says it all: yellow gold skin, luscious flavor.
TASTE These sweet, mellow apples are excellent for pies and salads.



FUJI A big, bold apple that's giving traditional varieties a run for their money.
TASTE A super sweet apple that's great for sauces or baked.




Mcintosh Bright red with the green splashes, this 200 year old variety is a classic.
TASTE Sweet with a hint of tartness, Mcintosh is great for apple sauce or on its own.




Gala Striped orange red over yellow, this little gem almost glows.
TASTE Sweet and mildly aromatic, Galas are wonderful in salads, and good for apple sauce.


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