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herbs, trees, leaves and flowers

You can put flowers, leaves, or herbs under your pillow and, when you go to bed, concentrate on the things that you need or want in the hope that the gods will go to work on your problems while you are sleeping. Put the goodies under your pillow, where they can work their magic.


Love, Sex, and Courage
Basil, borage, witch hazel, apple, lavender, thyme, jasmine, sorrel, mint, aloe, yarrow, thorn, chestnut, cypress, hawthorn, and acacia.

Communication and improving the Memory
Marjoram, parsley, dill, rosemary, and leaves from nut trees, especially hazel.

Home life
Rosemary, comfrey, willow, mangrove, paper bark tree (Australia).



Joy, Fun, and Children
Chamomile, celandine, hawthorn, hyacinth, marjoram, saffron, rosemary, ash, and palm.

Aniseed, marjoram, bay, clove, fennel, pine, oak, lime, mulberry, ash, and birch.

Sage, sorrel, bay, cloves, witch hazel, and lime.


Marjoram, juniper, dill, nutmeg, oak, and leaves from nut trees. Many ailments specific to women are eased by drinking raspberry-leaf tea. This is also an ancient, and still useful, aid to relaxation and pain relief during labor.

Abundance and Wealth
Sage, allspice, comfrey, ginger, sorrel, and honeysuckle.


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