Drink, be Irish for a day

Ever get tired of swilling green beer on St. Paddy’s Day? Neither do we—but here are eight authentically Irish drinks to enjoy when the keg runs dry.

Start the day off the Irish way—and we don’t mean a fistfight at the public assistance office. The key is plenty of sugar and plenty of whiskey.
Directions: Mix two shots Black Bush and 4 tsp. brown sugar into coffee. Top with an inch of whipped cream.

Wish everyone a hearty “Sláinte!” (pronounced “slawn-cheh,” it’s Gaelic for “Let’s get drunk!”) and pound this 90-proof Irish moonshine that, though banned in Ireland since 1661, was recently OK’d for export to the States.
Directions: Add Potcheen to an ice-filled glass. Stir with your shillelagh.

No one knows who the Black Irish were, but you sure didn’t want to fuck with ’em. It’s like a Black Russian, but they add Guinness, of course.
Directions: Mix a shot each of vodka and Kahlúa, then add a splash of Coke and a wee bit o’ foamy Guinness.

Collins was an early 20th-century badass who waged war against the British. His namesake drink is sweet but not girly, and requires potato vodka to honor Ireland’s freakish preoccupation with tubers.
Directions: Mix 1½ oz. Quotes vodka and 3 oz. sour mix. Add club soda.

It’s high time you returned to that other great staple of the Irish diet—whiskey. Not only is triple-distilled Irish whiskey typically less harsh than twice-distilled Scotch whisky, but the Irish actually manage to spell the word whiskey correctly. For extra Blarney cred, get your trembling fingers on a bottle of Paddy, a whiskey from Munster in County Cork that’s so authentic it’s not even available in the United States.
Directions: Add whiskey to ice-filled lowball glass. Then add more whiskey.

We’re really not sure where this sticky-sweet libation, which looks like the Irish flag, gets its name. Since the drink is layered, you’ll need steady pouring hands before toasting Ireland’s crazy dream of religious tolerance. Mazel tov!
Directions: Add 1 oz. crème de menthe. Pour in 1 oz. Baileys Original Irish Cream over spoon. Repeat with 1 oz. Grand Marnier.

Think you’ll murder someone if you have to listen to “Danny Boy” one more friggin’ time? Then relax by downing ultrasmooth Rovers, shots of whiskey mixed with Baileys.
Directions: Mix 1 oz. Baileys and 1 oz. John Power whiskey. Shoot. Repeat as necessary.

What if you meet a bonny lass who doesn’t have your mom’s staggering capacity for whiskey? Give her a Banana O’Riley, a creamy girly drink that still packs a punch.  Are there even bananas in Ireland, you ask? Hey, is the Pope Irish?
Directions: Mix one shot Jameson, one shot crème de banana, two shots cream, and ½ shot O.J. in shaker. Shake her.


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