The dark episode in Turkeys past, the forced removal and killing of 1.5 million Armenians is a taboo, which lies at the heart of modern Turkish republic.

Sarkis Cerkezian, 90 years of age he still bears witness to the horrors visited upon his people. His home is a monument to the Armenian suffering, capturing the time when rulers of the old Ottoman empire expelled Armenians from their land and out of their homes and forced them to march into the desert of neighboring Syria. Men, women and children their fate was a near certain death.: "Before me, she had another child. She gave birth towards early morning. In the morning the police came and said to remove the tents. My father came out of the tent and said, Well look, my wife just gave birth, could we start a bit later so she can rest? He hit my father with a whip. Were trying to wipe out your roots! Are you still reproducing? He would have been my elder brother but he died."

I would like to bring to your attention how most of the Armenians of  Istanbul and Turkey can not even speak the Armenian language. Through the years the Turkish government has slowly modified Armenian names on identification cards and passports, prosecuted our teachers, and closed down Armenian schools trying to erase any traces of Armenian from its population.

Now compared to Global Heritage Fund's representatives and their video of  Kars and Ani, Sarkis Cerkezian does not need balls, he has them. He lives in Istanbul, but he still gave this interview to the ABC reporter, David Hardaker, from Australia. His parents survived the Genocide and I know his first cousin, who lives in Boston.

Kemal Kerinciscz, Turkish nationalist populous lawyer: "If you acknowledge that your forefathers are murderers, and if you say that 30 thousand Kurds and one and a half million Armenians were massacred, and you say this was carried out by your forefathers, then in other words, what you are clearly saying is that your forefathers were murderers and they carried out Genocide. This is clearly meant to humiliate the Turkish nation. It is possible that the Turkish state will come to face billions of U.S. dollars of compensation."

What more can I add?

Truth and Justice.

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