Capacity To Win

In order to become truly successful, you must develop the capacity to always want to get better.

At one time in my life I believed in “the Peter Principle” that people will eventually rise to their level of incompetence. I saw a number of my friends reach a certain level of success and then “level off” or even go backwards. I also saw others who continued to get better. Let me share with you why I believe they got better. They worked every day on eight (8) major areas.



1. The Capacity to be Happy. Do what is necessary to “feel good” about yourself. Try to stay in good physical shape. Maintain a good appearance. Always look neat, clean and professional. Guess what? You’ll feel good about yourself and that good feeling will affect those around you. They look at the good things in their life. It’s amazing how most people seem to dwell on the things in their life that aren’t perfect. Start looking at all the good things you have going for you… your family, your business and your health.

2. The Capacity to be Excited About Your Job. It’s true that “the grass always looks greener on the other side’. Stop looking at what other people have accomplished and concentrate on doing the best you can possibly do where you are right now! If you do that, you’ll he sure to get to the top.

3. The Capacity to Always Get Better. Never be satisfied with your accomplishments. Get up each day determined to make it a “better day” than the one before. Make “getting better” a short-range goal that you check every day!

4. The Capacity to “DREAM BIG.” Set your heart on something. Have a goal of greatness. Don’t settle for just doing “a little”.

5. The Capacity to “Compete.” Winners can’t just go out there and stand on the playing field. They must compete in order to win. You must “pay the price” for success. Life is like a balance sheet — for everything you get, you have to make sacrifices. I believe people who work the hardest accomplish the most. Remember, the harder you work, the “luckier” you get.


6. The Capacity to “Survive” Success. Please don’t let success change you! “Never let success go to your head or failure to your heart.” Keep doing the things that made you successful. Always continue to develop your personal strengths. Don’t get “too big” to do the little things.

7. The Capacity to Grow As a Person. Your friends will see you “first” as a real person. Keep improving your business, family and your spiritual life. Strive to he right… morally and ethically 100% of the time! Remember, “Before you can become a great leader, you’ve got to become a great person.”

8. The Capacity to “Win.” Winning builds mental attitude and expectation of success. Once you start winning, you can’t stop. Please remember, winning is better than you ever imagined. I saw my friends do it and I know you can do it too!


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