Round Dance of Unity




May 28th, 1918 is a great day in Armenian history. It is the Independence Day of the first Armenian Republic, established after miraculous victories in Sartarabad, Pash Abaran and Gharakilise.


This year, 2005, to commemorate this historical event Armenians decided to have a great national festivity with an aim of displaying unity. The result was the performance of the first circle dance of its kind in the world, with the participation of about 150 thousand dancers, encircling Armenia's highest mountain Arakadz and creating a human dancing chain of 163 kilometers.

The dance started under the rhythm of traditional music at 3 p.m. and lasted for 15 minutes. The participants were standing at about one meter distance from each other, wearing apricot colored caps, symbolizing one of the colors of the Armenian flag.

President Robert Kocharian and his guest famous French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour took also part in the spectacular dancing session.

The evening just before the dancing, great fireworks were lighted up, symbolizing Saint Krikor the Illuminators lamp, traditionally believed to brighten the sky dome over Mount Arakadz, professed to be seen by the believers only.

Vanoush Khanamiryan, President of the Dance Union, took part in the dance together with 6000 professional dancers, representing some 50 dancing groups, all wearing national dresses. Famous musician Ara Gevorgyan composed a song dedicated to the event.




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