You tried.
You tried with all your strength and might.
You tried while wearing an insidious smile
and conveying a blatant disregard for that which makes us human.
And lurking behind your ominous eyes, in the obscurity of your mind,
was an illness taking the form of eroded amicability.
Your vision cloaked in the disillusion that you would succeed.
You feared no form of power, neither man nor god.
You tried by force, you tried by philosophy.
You tried relentlessly.
You tried

You failed!

For I stand here today, many decades into the aftermath,
bearing a name you thought would no longer be used,
waving a flag who's colors you thought would fade away,
speaking the tongue of the ancestors you thought you had eliminated.

You failed.

For I know the truth, and so shall the entire world.
For I keep the heritage alive, as did those before me.
We succeeded.
We survived.
You failed.

No matter how many years it takes,
no matter how long the duel may be,
we will endure, and the truth will be told.
The world will know that which you would like to bury
in the shadows of a past as dark as the atrocities you committed.
But just as before,
we sill succeed,
you will fail!

by  D. Yapejian


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