Cooking Terms

beat—To stir rapidly in a circular motion

boil—To heat a liquid over high heat until bubbles form and rise rapidly to the surface

broil—To cook food under a direct flame

brown—To cook food quickly over high heat so that the surface browns evenly

cream—To beat one or more ingredients to a smooth consistency

garnish—To decorate a dish with small pieces of food, such as parsley springs

grate—To cut into tiny pieces by rubbing food against a grater

hard-boil—To boil an egg in its shell until both the yolk and the white are firm

knead—To work dough by pressing it with the palms, pushing it outward, and then pressing it over on itself

marinate—To soak food in a seasoned liquid in order to add flavor and to tenderize it

mince—To chop food into very small pieces

preheat—To heat an oven before using it

puree—To make food into a paste or thick liquid

sauté—To fry quickly in oil or fat, over high heat, stirring or turning the food to prevent burning

seed—To remove seeds from a food

simmer—To cook over low heat in liquid kept just below its boiling point. Bubbles may occasionally rise to the surface.