When was the last time you laughed?

Do you have health or family problems? Have a problem dealing with your surroundings? Are you dejected and depressed? Undoubtedly your brain and soul need to be aerated. Follow the following instructions:

5Take a deep breath
It has been scientifically proven that taking a deep breathe during exercise or different times of the day, gives you mental rest and peace.
Anytime during the day if you feel uptight and agitated, take a few long breaths, preferably in front of an open window and before long you will feel better.
5Sleep well
Specialists suggest that before you go to sleep read a funny article or watch a humorous show. It will relax your nerves and let you sleep in peace.
5Exercise, always exercise
At least three times a week for half an hour or so, any kind of exercise will give you optimism and better mood.
5Enjoy your job
We pass half or third of our lives at work. if we like our job and try our best, we will be peaceful and satisfied.
5Don't regret
The past is gone, don't regret that your dreams did not come true. Regretting makes you feel guilty, upsets your mind and depresses you.
5Be confident
Don't hesitate making decisions and don't always ask for the opinion of others. Rely on your judgment and taste, you will not be wrong.
5Don't be a slave of your job
A lot of us get so involved with our jobs that we forget our surroundings and ourselves. Even though you can be a demanding and perfectionist at work, don't let your personal life and enjoyment be sacrificed to your job. Arrange your time so that it will be equally divided between work and pleasure.
5Help others
Financial or mental help to others gives us great and unexplainable satisfaction and happiness. We start seeing ourselves as bright, able and positive people.
5Don't be loner
Sometimes the wish to be independent leads us to loneliness and moodiness. Don't forget that friends and relatives are there for troubled times.
19Stay away from noisy places
It has been proven that loud noises can agitate your nerves and make you loose your concentration.

19Cry sometimes
If you are sad and feel like crying,  don't hold back, hide and cry. Crying helps you calm down and find inner peace.
19Limit your computer time
Even though computers have their advantages, they  isolate you from your surroundings and even cause depression sometimes.
19Be organized and tidy
Being messy and unorganized can have negative effects on your mood.

19Watch TV
Watching TV for an hour or so, a good show that you like, will relax your nerves and uplift your mood.
19Express yourself
People who don't express their dissatisfaction and anger, don't express their feelings, end up being depressed.
19Don't always be a optimist
Excessive optimism can open the door to disappointments while some pessimism can become a driving force.
19Don't compare yourself to others
If you don't want to get depressed and be sad, don't compare yourself to others. Yes, do your best to advance and make yourself better, but not by racing to catch up or copying others.
19 Love your own weaknesses
Accept your own weaknesses and get used to your own shortcomings.
Your friends and the society will accept you the way you are.
Reading develops mental wealth, self confidence and opens new horizons. Novels, poems or newspapers, they are all educational and give you something to talk about during social gatherings.
Do you remember when was the last time you laughed, if not - you are in deep trouble. Life slides so much easier while laughing, problems are solved easier, by laughing you make friends. It has been scientifically proven that laughing strengthens your body and prevents certain diseases.


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