With dawn of civilization, fragrant perfumes appeared in places like Egypt, China and India.
Substances that emit and diffuse fragrant odors were used during Church ceremonies and personal enjoyment.
Today every major fashion house has its own brand named perfume, but very few perfumes, like Chanel N°5, NIna Ricci's L'Air du Temps or Yves Saint Laurent's Opium, survive for more than a few years before they are forgotten.



How should you care for your fine fragrance?

Even though Wine gets better with age, perfumes are the opposite and they degenerate.
Light, heat and humidity destroy perfumes and change the fragrance, best place to store perfumes is in there box, in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator.
Fragrance is made to be used and enjoyed - use it or lose it! For maximum shelf life, store fragrance away from bright sunlight, in a cool, dark area, with the cap tightly secured. Fragrance oils can turn rancid or evaporate if stored improperly.
Considering how sensitive and fragile perfumes are, you should buy them in small bottles, instead of buying big bottles and letting it get old.
Eau de toilets tend to last longer than perfumes.


How To use cologne

In the opinion of experts its better to use eau de toilets in the summer heat and perfumes during the Autumn and Winter.
It is advisable not to use perfumes at the beach or while sun tanning, because they may blot and blemish your skin.
Use perfumes on clean, washed skin so that you permeate the intended scent, sweat and body odors tend to spoil the fragrance.
When using an perfume or fragrance, dab liberally on the skin. Perfume, the most concentrated version of colognes, is designed to be applied at the pulse points, on the wrists, behind the neck, in the décolleté, behind the ears, or even behind the knees. Your body warmth will radiate your delightful perfume.



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