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Today's mentality leans towards doing everything that feels good as hard as possible with the hopes of escaping the impending chaos and often evading reality.

As a consequence, many of us rely on the quick fix. One particularly alarming way in which this has manifested itself is in what can be loosely described as a ‘Pill-popping’ culture. We are obsessed with pills, and for that matter with a sort of chemical escapism that has an entire population living with a latent substance abuse of all kinds: caffeine, nicotine, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, stress reducing drugs, bone marrow enhancers, pain killers, inhibitors, sinus headache relievers, multi-vitamins, intestinal and irregular stomach regulators, pills to reduce menstrual cramps, pills for enhancing bone density. The list goes on and it seems that for every ailment (trivial or not) there is always a pill to be had.

Anxiety? Valium. Headache? Vicodin. Indigestion? Zantac. Nerves? Xanax. Magnesium deficiency? Magne B6. Depressed? Take Zoloft.

More examples can be listed for dry skin, cracking fingernails, earaches, back pain, bowl irregularity and weight loss. The question begs to be asked, whatever happened to trusting the self-healing body?

Daily routine allows people to regulate their days and their time and thereby encourages the compartmentalization of their time into work, play and personal time. That said, many  view routine as a cause of their increasing medical dependencies. The banalities of a capitalist life engulfed in materialism and consumerism has us wired and wasted.

Being overworked and underpaid is tough, so tough that there’s no time to visit the doctor, so it’s much easier to pop a pill to avoid pain or discomfort. The social discourse is that we are a stressed out society continually on the verge of burn out. Modern medicine tells us that many of our problems are stem from psychology: stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

It’s all in the mind. So who is right? A person who will equate a back pain to stress, working too many hours, not getting enough sleep and thereby requiring a lifestyle adjustment to counteract the problem or the person that believes that back pain comes from more tangible possibilities: bad mattress, purse too heavy, breasts too big, bad chair at the office, inherited a weak back from parents, or spine problems..

If you examine the medicine cabinets and drawers of  households today, you may find a few or all of the following basic elements:

Zoloft anti-depressant
Magne B6 for Magnesium deficiency
Centrum multi-vitamin
Procel to strengthen scalp and hair follicules
Xanax for calming the nerves and anxiety
Zantac for heartburn and indigestion
Tylenol the universal agent
Ferrous Sulfate for Iron deficiency
Imodium for diarrhea
Ercefuryl 200,Correctol, Dulcolax or Ex-Lax for  laxative
Phenergan to treat nausea and vomiting
Calcia for calcium deficiency
Urispas  to stop urgent urination.


Whatever happened to the old days when couple of Aspirins took care of everything...

Some people call this progress... so be it, I am not arguing with them.

"Did you take your Prozac today?"

"One has to appreciate all the advantages of all these NEW PILLS out - they were not made as a waste of one's time, but rather to benefit those who need them most"

"The BAD little issue that has been omitted in this page is that one big overdose, and poof - FATAL!!!!!!!!!"



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