Florida Man Fires 30
Bullets At Girlfriend In Car

DAVIE, Fla. -- A man trapped his
ex-girlfriend in her car Wednesday and
sprayed more than 30 bullets at her
before he killed himself, police said.

Witnesses said Mohan Persaud, 29, of
Sanford, pulled up to Nichola Seegobin's
apartment complex just as she was getting
into her car. He allegedly sideswiped her
and pinned her door ajar. He then jumped
out of his car and began firing, police said.

Inside Persaud's car, police found flowers and candy, while several gallons of gasoline were in the trunk.

Witnesses watched, but could not help, as Persaud reloaded his semiautomatic gun.

"He seriously wanted her dead," police spokesman Lt. Bill Bamford said.

Seegobin, 25, of Orlando, was an optometry student in her junior year at Nova Southeastern University.

Police said they believe Seegobin moved in with friends recently to get away from Persaud. Her new boyfriend would not comment on the killing.

Seegobin and Persaud got into a fight at local mall a few weeks ago, police said.


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