The Price of Success - Your Soul       
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(May sound cold and ugly, but so is life. Everything has a price, and this is the price of success.)

1. A wise man said: "Observe, learn, and remember;" it is the remembering that is the fuel for revenge.

2. Know that no "good deed" goes unpunished.

3. To every "blessing," there is an equal and opposing "curse;" it is the way of things.

4. Be understanding; it will make you appear sympathetic to another's trials and tribulations; whenever you find someone in a pathetic state, it should be viewed as an open invitation to exploit them.


5. There will be times when losses are inevitable; recognize the "inevitability" and cut your losses as early as possible; later, an opportunity will present itself to inflict revenge.

6. Have you noticed that the truly successful always wear red; it helps to cover the stains.

7. Be tolerant, you will find opportunity in patience.

8. Be patient, you will find that all roads lead to where you stand.

9. Be forgiving when someone shits on your floor; make sure to push them back into it.

10. Be compassionate of those who allow you to pick their pockets.

11. Be honest with yourself; but, never with anyone else.

12. Be hopeful . . . that a successful individual will fall from "grace" and open up an opportunity for you to take their place.

13. Bless the downtrodden; they are the foundation of civilization; remember, if there are not enough to build a strong foundation, then use those planned for the next tier.

14. Be aggressive; it is the stepping stone to war and pestilence, a wondrous way to reduce the masses and acquire wealth ("just do it").

15. Be attentive of those who are more successful than you; they have an angle that you may be able to exploit and add to your repertoire.

16. Be open to new experiences; you never know what kink or twist may present itself; education is so important for a diverse and compelling resume.


17. Be observant of "disaster" as viewed by the masses and you will find opportunity; look closer, and you may find that the "disaster" has been engineered by the successful.

18. Be observant of the competition and be sensitive to their dilemma; it is your duty to raise level of consciousness and to amplify the reality; once done, you now have the opportunity to control the situation.

19. Never lose acquisitions.

20. Prayer is a pathetic excuse to ravage resources.

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