The Price of Success - Your Soul        
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(May sound cold and ugly, but so is life. Everything has a price, and this is the price of success.)

21. There is a price to be paid for any opportunity; pay now; pay later; but, pay you will; and, know that the terms will not be made known and are not subject to negotiation; it is part of the surprise at payback time.

22. "Equality" does not exist outside of a mathematical system or within a culture; it is the inheritance of the individual; and, therefore is what you make it.

23. The only thing that you can take from an individual's "transition" is a curse. (Be Warned!)

24. Absolute "power" corrupts absolutely; make sure no one notices until it is too late.

25. Be attentive to motivation and intention; it is a spotlight that reveals much.


26. Do not confuse "commitment to purpose" with "tyranny," zeal is so important to success and one should never look back (i.e., have a conscience).

27. Be kind; know that such action will be punished.

28. Be assertive; it is the stepping stone of aggression.

29. A wise man smells profit in the wind.

30. Be generous; only if it costs you nothing.

31. Have a vision; you may be able to acquire everything within your field of view.

32. Always support justice; after all, it is the only "ally" of revenge.

33. Always make "distinctions;" they can be used as "hatchets" to drive people apart.

34. If it feels good, do it until it hurts . . . the other person.

35. One should always have a healthy appetite, it is a necessary ingredient of ambition.

36. Always have eyes in the back of your head; you may have missed an opportunity.


37. Always keep yourself focused on the cardinal agenda; the truly successful have learned never to allow conscience to cloud the objective and distract you from dedication to purpose.

38. Always demonstrate a "Can Do" attitude . . . it shows that you are enterprising and enthusiastic; have "high energy," a passion for achievement, the zeal "to go the limit," the longing to provide a quality performance, the ardor to have a job well done, and the mettle to crush all who oppose you, . . . in other words, be ambitious and eliminate the competition with tact and discretion.

39. Keep your eye on your career (assuming that such thought has meaning), your bonus (assuming that the person you have the misfortune to be working for even recognizes such a thought), your promotion (assuming that the person who employs you offers something which will enhance your wealth, as opposed to providing you "something" and take more away).

40. Never use your resources to acquire anything; be patient and wait, eventually someone will come along that you can graciously exploit.

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