The Price of Success - Your Soul        page 3/5

(May sound cold and ugly, but so is life. Everything has a price, and this is the price of success.)

41. Never allow your outward appearance or your spoken word to betray what you are really thinking; your struggle for the top is rooted in deception and mendacity and the only tool you need is perverse despotism; it is the civilized way of things.

42. In order to maintain deception and control and the goal of the moment, always sandwich a lie between two truths; or, conversely, always sandwich a truth between two lies.

43. In time of "crisis," keep your "friends" close and your "enemies" closer.

44. The legal system and its players have but one agenda: WIN under the law; the goal under that agenda is to "line your pockets with as much wealth as the client will permit;" and remember "justice" is irrelevant.


45. Remember, "Law" is to "Justice" as "Medicine [Witchcraft]" is to "Immortality."

46. Look for meaning where you can find it (which assumes you have the "eyes" to see it).

47. Be good to yourself; indulge yourself at someone else's expense.

48. Express yourself (which assumes that there is a "self" to express); but, do it succinctly, you should not reveal too much.

49. Always cover your back; even if you have to use a wall, preferably, someone else's.

50. Look closely at all you despise; you may see success and may see your own reflection. (It is always good to have a model and someone to whom you can look up.)

51. Always support the "successful;" after all, if the masses did not have them, to whom would the masses focus their hatred; i.e., contempt, disdain, loathing, abhorrence, derision, and contumely, which in turn breeds arrogance, insolence, impudence, and audacity; fundamental characteristics of the exploitable.

52. Sympathy is irrelevant; it is a characteristic of the masses and is their weakness.

53. Know that your "nobility" will be measured by your unmerciful cruelty.

54. Never show remorse for your victims; they are "casualties of the game;" besides, a really dedicated/committed despot never shows remorse.


55. Trust no one when the cardinal agenda is the issue.

56. What is yours, is yours; what is there's is negotiable. (Corollary: Now that I have mine, l want to watch you try to get yours.)

57. Deal fairly with all you encounter; only when it provides you an advantage.

58. Be sensitive to the "rights" of others; it is your responsibility to help them to become part of the masses; after all, it is their only "right."

59. Do unto others before they do it to you.

60. Always try to determine the other person's "dreams;" it reveals much about their immediate position; and, therefore, their strategy, goals, and aspirations; a time will present itself when you will profit from the use of such knowledge.

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