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(May sound cold and ugly, but so is life. Everything has a price, and this is the price of success.)

61. Always make it a point to isolate someone's fear(s); such knowledge can be useful in any future negotiation.

62. Always be sensitive to someone's opinion; remember, gossip and/or rumor provides the wind for change.

63. Always provide the competition a psychological blow job, which is functionally equivalent to oral sodomy of the ego; it makes the psyche respond wondrously to skillful manipulation and helps to lower the guard and expose strengths and weaknesses; practice this to the point that it is executed without thought; such skill should be the finest on the planet; know that it will not go unnoticed.

64. When you find that you have angered your competition, you need to see how far you can drive them; there is a direct correlation to the level of the anger and the amount that you have won.


65. If the herd is racing North, pause and reassess the situation, less you step in their "droppings."

66. Be sure to network, you never know when you will be able to use these people to your ends.

67. Be wary of those who want to favor you; you probably are being set up; but, that is OK; learn to leverage off their position and turn it back on them.

68. Be wary of those who propose to be a friend; be assured, in time of need, they will always help . . . themselves to as much as you allow them to carry away.

69. Exploit the hopeless and/or helpless; they deserve it. (Besides, if you do not, someone else will.)

70. Always appear to be "down-and-out," "struggling" in an "unfriendly" environment; it adds to the illusion and it can be useful in lowering someone else's guard.

71. Never "kill;" it is much better to manipulate someone else into doing it for you.

72. All "games" are simply a diversion to keep you from getting bored; when you "play," take down as many colleagues as possible and wrack as much havoc and misery in the shortest possible time, all with a single act; the skill at the game is so important.

73. The truly successful have learned how to skillfully "crush" and/or control the competition without leaving scars; accomplished within the "law," due in part to the fact that the successful write the law; and, they can always inflict as much "pain" as is warranted; this is accomplished by striking at the psyche; the tools used: verbal assault, public humiliation, verbal and physical abuse (remember, no visible scars), learning how to play pleasure-and-pain like a finely tuned instrument to heighten sexual arousal and insure an unparalleled orgasm, using secret fears to inflict mental anguish, using secret dreams (hopes, desires) as a reminder of what they will never have; and, when all is said and done, have the competition thank them and "beg" for more; the trick is to get them to become addicted to such treatment.

74. Never ridicule anyone; except when you can sell tickets for the event.

75. Never hate your neighbor; except when you are casting a spell.

76. Never "pay" for anything, use someone else's resources.

77. Whenever the competition exhibits independent behavior which is statistically beyond 2 sigma established norms, expose this fact as quickly as possible because this individual (or group) is not controllable, will start the multitude to "think," and needs to be isolated and rehabilitated by the system of the successful or exterminated because it is a threat to the established order of things.


78. Always encourage the competition to see that their current "misfortune" is caused by a specific sub-culture; in doing this, you focus their energy (hatred) on a specific point and distract them from reality; you eliminate not only the competition but also the sub-culture (hopefully); "two birds with one stone," so to speak.

79. Whenever a group of individuals begin to deviate too far from the expected norms (beyond 2 sigma) of behavior and/or thought and threaten the established system of order, this group needs to be isolated, identified, and characterized; they need to be "ridiculed" in order to bring them back to the norms; should this fail, then a genocide program is warranted; the program needs to be unleashed so that it selectively hunts down this group to extinction; this insures control and eliminates unnecessary mutations. Or, if you prefer: "If you are a member of a minority it's a simple thing to be aware that laws are not meant as a reflection of the true society one lives in but rather as devices to control diversity and silence it." David Wojnarowicz (: artist; a child that was never loved in life, who was never permitted to be a child, was finally silenced by "civilization," saw so clearly what was wrong and expressed it in his "Bad Moon Rising;" now his warning reaches beyond death, and he can be that child lost in his dream of a beautiful new tomorrow.)

80. The "downtrodden," have several characteristics: hopeless and helpless; and, therefore, are predictable and controllable.

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