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(May sound cold and ugly, but so is life. Everything has a price, and this is the price of success.)

81. When you strike at someone, strike to kill and make sure you have all the power on your side; you may not be given the opportunity again.

82. If you want insight into a culture (system), look closely at the decision makers and the process they use, for it will tell you much about the system at that moment in time; rest assured that the culture has gotten exactly what it deserves.

83. When you fuck someone, remember to smile and enjoy it, and, be assured the damage is permanent and hopefully the opportunity will not present itself in exactly the same way. ("Variety" so important and is the spice of existence.)

84. True irony is when you can fuck a friend; and, make sure the friend loves you, because the friend will provide you the opportunity to do it again. (Enjoy!)


85. Be gracious; you will put the competition off guard.

86. Never "marry" for "love;" marriage should always be focused on the cardinal agenda and remember that "love" is just a romantic illusion of the third component of the agenda: Lust; think of marriage as a "merger and acquisition" exercise.

87. Never pass up an opportunity to attend a religious function; it adds to your mystique; besides, it offers you the opportunity to help yourself to everything that is offered.

88. Always invite someone over for dinner; you may have the opportunity to have them for dessert.

89. Honor your Mother and Father; eventually, you will "share" their acquisitions; after all, it is part of your entitlements.

90. If you do not know who your Mother and / or your Father is, adopt one or two; it is actually easier to exploit them rather than the real thing.

91. If you have children, make sure that you teach them all that you know, live your life through them, encourage them to compete; rest assured that they represent a synergy of all that you are and that they will view you with as much contempt as you have shown to others; know that they will remember Rule 89.

92. Always have an "extended" family; you can use this opportunity and acquire their "treasures" more easily than if they really were your family.

93. When all is said and done and you are at the end of your existence, remember how you acquired all the visible measures of your success and remember to leave it to those that deserve it; for you pass on not only the fruits of your cunning but also the Karma attached to it. (Hopefully, the recipient will not remember the 23-rd Rule and will follow Rule 40.)

94. There is opportunity in all change.

95. Religion is the opiate of the masses; use it as an instrument of control and a mechanism to tranquilize the masses until you are ready to exploit them.

96. Remember that the toes you step on today may be connected to a body who's private parts you will be compelled to orally service tomorrow.


97. We see ourselves as characters in a play and want what befalls us to be "poetic justice;" but, there is a higher justice than the poetic kind; do not waste your grief on the impossible.

98. In every change there is opportunity; it is not an issue of who gains or loses; but, rather, how that change is handled and the associated debt incurred or paid.

99. Never confuse pessimism with realism; the civilized thing is to never see reality.

100. In Truth, your life stands as a testimony to all that you deserve, for you have your "heaven;" enjoy!

101. What is betrayal...but one's skill in following the course of events.


Now You  know what it takes to be successful. It's your decision.


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