Seven Steps For A Good Nightís Sleep

Keep a regular sleep/wake schedule.

Particularly for waking. Irregular hours can throw off the internal bilogical clock.

Be light-wise.

Within five minutes of waking, expose yourself fto bright light, either by going outdoors or using a light for 30 minutes. Avoid excess light before bedtime.

Set aside time to clear your mind.

Several hours before bedtime, list worries or chores for the next day. Also develop a relaxation ritualómeditation or soothing musicóto end each day.

Avoid stimulants.

Nicotine, coffee or colas late in the day will keep you awake at night.

Donít drink alcohol.

Rather than helping you sleep, it leads to awakenings and worsens sleep apnea.

Donít exercise or eat heavily before bed.

Both rev up the body. But exercising in the late afternoon or early evening dispels tensions and makes falling asleep easier.

Avoid naps.

They may perk up your daytime energy,  but naps undermine your nighttime rest.


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