Dear child, I am leaving this world, while you are coming in,
I know the truth from experience, so don't forget my words.

Life is like the shadow of escaping clouds, the moment is always real,
Even though will is the strength of luck, the act is the ownership.

Emotions are the master, the brain is only a slave to them,
don't lose your head, defend it with a steel shield.

Don't believe the shadows, rely only on yourself,
Love people as furiously as you can hate them, and do always good.

On good days, acknowledge friends and comrades,
on bad days, don't search or ask for friends.

In this life full of games, if you have to play your game
be always cheerfully, that way you laugh at destiny.

Unfearful and grand, steer your life against the stranger
march forward in life with no regrets, whatever happens, let it happen.

Listen son, you'll burry me in an unmarked grave
so that people won't find out, they'll come and steal my headstone.

Avedik Isahagian, 1918, Genève

For the biography of Avedik Isahagian (click here)


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